Agrivoltaic solar plants are purposefully designed to minimize disruption to daily agricultural operations while delivering numerous benefits for the soil, ecosystem, and agricultural profitability.

agrivoltaics solar panels

Integrating solar panels in agricultural settings enables farms to get closer to being energy independent. Whilst achieving strategic agricultural benefits including enhanced yield, reduced water consumption and better soil quality.

agrivoltaic solar system
agrivoltaic solar system
agrivoltaic solar system
agrivoltaic solar system
owl sits on solar panel
agrivoltaic solar system

The Agrivoltaic System For The Agricultural Industry

Our UA250 Agri allows optimizing the space of the installation area with its modularity: although developed and normally supplied with 8 sections of 5 modules for each array, it can be sheren down to a single section to adapt the length to the different shape of the area in which must be installed.

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