Dual Axis Trackers

This cutting-edge system harnesses the power of intelligent software technology and precision rotation control hardware to ensure optimal solar energy capture along two axes.

Our Dual Axis Trackers

The DA generation of Dual-Axis trackers has earned a stellar reputation as the most reliable tracking system worldwide, with thousands of installations spanning over more than two decades of operation. Among these, KSI’s DA-60 product stands as an iconic solution, deployed across every continent with an impressive track record of over 20,000 systems.

Features Of Our Solar Trackers

KSI is a world-leader in the design, supply and installation of photovoltaic tracking systems, with over 17,500 successful projects worldwide. From the hottest Middle Eastern deserts to sub-zero temperatures in Northern Canada, these systems have been installed in the most challenging environments across 5 continents.

Intelligent Tracking With SolTrk

Our trackers maintain high precision with an internal error of less than 1 degree over 20 years, ensuring accurate positioning of solar panels for maximum energy capture.

Safeguard Control Unit

Advanced Safety

Our systems feature a single cabinet for managing up to 25 sultry boards, wind speed control, and UPS support. Ensuring uninterrupted operation even during grid failures or adverse weather conditions. Additionally, battery charge control enhances safety & reliability.

NightFlip™ Technology

Developed by Kirchner Solar Group, NightFlip™ offers a unique solution for self-cleaning panels by rotating them downward at night to leverage natural condensation, reducing soiling without surface abrasion. This feature enhances system performance and reduces maintenance requirements.

NighFlip technology diagram

Over 32 Years

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