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KSI s a department of Kirchner Solar Group GmbH and has the task of operating on an international scale moving in different markets.

The german Kirchner Solar Group is one of the pioneers of the solar industry. Since 1996 the company has created and carried out more than 29.000 solar parks and roof installations and thereby established itself as one of the leading providers in the field of renewable energies. Products and services include:

  • the planning and installation of photovoltaic installations
  • civic participation concepts
  • the production of individual solar tracking systems
  • the production of solar off-grid systems
  • the trading of high-quality photovoltaic components.
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Products Family

Discover our Sonnen System

Sonnen_system is the world‘s most reliable and comprehensive solution for tracking systems. It is a meticulously engineered product that includes a precise astronomical control. Our unique safety concept safeguard oversees the protection of the structure and the investment, allowing sonnen_system to reliably produce electricity at a consistently high level. The innovative technology of our trackers generates a solar energy surplus of up to 50% compared to fixed-mount PV installations.

Sosy S_380

Unlock the full potential of your utility scale pv power plant

After twenty years as technological world market leader in dual-axial tracking systems, it was time to revolutionise the single-axis system market. KSI has brought in all of its knowledge, skills and technological expertise to design the next level of tracking technology, the new SoSy S_380. This system is the next logical extension of our worldwide proven German tracker technology and the first choice for PV systems on a supply scale with up to 77 kWp or 192 modules (72 cells) per tracker. A highly exible layout and easy installation steps, best investment costs result in low LCOE. Using high-quality drive components with proven track records in the tracker and heavy equipment industry, each component is used worldwide to move megawatts of solar modules. Our competitive tracking system requires significantly less man-hours to be installed, this making the SoSy S_380 system a definite cost optimizer:

  • less installation costs by less man-hours required
  • low equipment costs compared to other tracking systems currently available on the market.

ready for

bifacial module installation

Sosy_S380 is structurally suitable for double-sided
installation of PV modules.


Sosy D_60

The most reliable dual axis tracker on the market

Up to 20 years of experience for the most reliable tracking system. D_60 is the historical product of Kirchner Solar International can count on over 20k systems installed all over the world. The reliability and the whole knowledge in tracker development and commercial PV application in US, Canada, Europe, ME, Africa and Australia, ensures the overall yield of each investment. All components used have been well tested for decades in the tracker industry. The safety management system SAFEGUARD complies to the most severe requirements to ensure the safety of the mechanical contruction and the investment.


    Sosy D_130

    The next level of dual axis tracking sytems

    After twenty years of tracker development and commercial PV application in US, Canada, Europe, ME, Africa and Australia, Kirchner Solar International has set a new milestone in the dual-axis tracker market.
    SoSy D_130 is a technology landmark.
    KSI designed the 5th generation of its main tracker system equiped with a flexible PV mounting surface of up to 131 sq. meters, this improving the overall yield of each investment, decreasing the required foundation works substantially and making the handling of materials much easier during the construction phase.
    All components used have been well tested for decades in the tracker industry. The safety management system SAFEGUARD complies to the same requirements as our previous model SoSy D_60, probably the best and most reliable dual axis tracker on the market.
    Until Now.



      Our Vision

      Each tracker has the potential to optimize the production of photovoltaic modules.
      The increased expenses for the purchase of these components must be compensated by the higher yield due to the tracking. If electronic or mechanical problems do not allow a very high ratio of availability of the tracker, production drops down dramatically.
      The effort for the maintainance of the systems has to be suitable for the purpose: an excessive need of maintenance, vanishes the results.
      KSI with its experience of over twenty years with its own control board SolTrk, recognized as strong and efficient, and thirty years of experience in mechanical construction, can provide the right solution by adapting its electronics to existing trackers and building special trims to recover structural problems.

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