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Solar power projects not only demand an excellent start but also continuous care to assure the longevity of your investment. KSI is dedicated to fortifying your venture through a spectrum of Service & Maintenance offerings that span the life of your project.

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Our Services

Preserve Peak Performance with Preventative and Corrective Maintenance

A seamless blend of preventive and corrective maintenance ensures your solar systems operate at their optimal capacity. From rigorous cleaning of solar panels and inspections of wiring / connections, to precise corrective measures for any emerging issues, KSI safeguards your project’s health and, by extension, your investment.

Performance Monitoring & Optimization

KSI leaves no stone unturned with cutting-edge performance monitoring, wherein regular checks of system output and intricate data analysis highlight areas ripe for enhancement, ensuring your systems consistently deliver peak performance.

Safeguarding Your Investment with Training and Support

In our unwavering commitment to ensuring longevity and optimal performance of your solar installations, we empower you with maintenance training, facilitating your team in conducting basic Maintenance and Operation tasks with precision and expertise.

KSI's 24/7 Global Online Monitoring & Swift Issue Resolution

Our 24/7 online monitoring services tirelessly track the electricity production of all plants under a KSI service contract, globally. This vigilant monitoring enables us to swiftly identify and rectify any faults or deviations in expected output, ensuring the robust health and optimal productivity of your installations.

Empowerment Through Comprehensive Service Package

Our comprehensive service package is crafted to be as encompassing as it is precise. Yield monitoring, exhaustive inspections of installed elements, shadow checks, thermal imaging tests using infrared cameras, and performance measurements amalgamate to deliver a service package that’s as robust and reliable as the solar installations it safeguards.

The Shield Policy: KSI’s Combined Extended Warranty and Service Agreements

KSI’s tailored warranty and service agreements provide an additional layer of protection and security, guaranteeing uninterrupted production of power at defined performance levels.

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