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Revitalize your aging solar installations with KSI’s repowering & retrofit solutions, where we blend three decades of mechanical construction experience with over two decades of expertise from our renowned control board, SolTrk. Recognized for its robust and efficient performance, KSI navigates the delicate balance between optimizing production through photovoltaic module trackers and ensuring that increased expenditures are duly offset by a surge in yield through effective tracking.

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Ensuring Peak Production and Sustainability

Every solar tracker is capable of maximizing the production of photovoltaic modules. The compelling advantage of heightened energy yield, however, is bound by the mechanical and electronic reliability of the trackers. When issues arise, hindering the tracker’s availability, production can swiftly decline. KSI brings to the table a profound blend of electronic adaptation and structural recovery expertise, ensuring your trackers don’t merely operate but are optimized for consistent peak performance.

Balancing Practical Maintenance with System Performance

Achieving equilibrium between system upkeep and output is pivotal. Excessive maintenance not only erodes the benefits of increased production, but also imposes operational strains. KSI navigates this balance with precision, safeguarding your solar output from being overshadowed by undue maintenance demands.

Efficient Upgrades and Revitalization for Your Solar Assets

In the domain of repowering and revamping, KSI offers strategic solutions to enhance the efficiency of solar power plants. We provide the necessary surveys and propose optimum solutions for the upgrade and/or replacement of PV panels and inverters, ensuring your investments are aligned with technological advancements. We boost underperforming plants to achieve targeted performance metrics with KSI‘s advanced tracker technology and products. Our approach goes beyond mere replacement; we enhance your existing infrastructure by integrating our tracking components and control systems, upgrading your setup to the pinnacle of technological and operational efficiency. This not only rejuvenates aging components but also bolsters your investment, crafting a more attractive proposition for stakeholders and the community.

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