UA_380 Single Axis Tracker

The UA_380 elevates solar tracking with its '2P' formation, featuring two rows of panels in portrait orientation. With its central axis located between these two rows, this system offers enhanced energy capture.

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single axis tracking system solar panels

Our new “UAT” generation of single axis trackers present the most innovative, cost-effective, reliable and robust Photo Voltaic Energy solutions in the market. This new product line offers superior features, highly flexible layout and easy installation, which all add up to an attractive investment and reduced LCOE.

Reduced Installation
Labour Costs

Remote Monitoring
& Maintenance

Optimised Energy

Self Cleaning

Extreme Versatility
For Dual Use

Low Power Consumption

UA_250 energy yield diagram
UA_250 diagram


Tracking method: Single-Axis, horizontal (N-S installation)
Tracking range: ±50°
Backtracking: Configurable to terrain
Tracking accuracy: 0.1° – 0.25° on azimuth
Night Position: Configurable -180° to +90° (Night flip) -50° to +50° (Standard)

Configuration (Per tracker)

Number of panels: 18 PV modules (≈55.75 m2) with form factor of 1.3
Tracker layout: Maximum of 30 subunit with maximum length of 300 meters per array
Tracker unit: 2 arrays with 1 controller
Drive type: Double slewing drive with 1 DC motor per array
Tracker per MWp: Approx. 2.65 trackers for form factor 1.3 m x 2.4 m (700Wp module)

Dimensions (Per array with panels)

Length: 11.75 m / 193.5 ft
Width: 4.8 m / 7.9 ft
Height: 0.65m up to 4.4m / 5.4 ft up to 9.8 ft

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