DA_60 Dual Axis Tracker

KSI’s DA-60 is an iconic product, installed across all continents in the world, with a remarkable record of 20,000+ systems. The DAT generation boasts top-quality drive components and a proprietary-knowledge control system, making it the most advanced dual-axis tracker available in the market.

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DA_60 dual axis solar tracker

The system’s built-in communication features allow for effortless remote access, system monitoring, maintenance/firmware updates, and energy generation reports. Along with KSI’s intelligent software solutions, customers can benefit from smart forecasting and preventative maintenance actions, which result in enhanced operations and improved return on investment.

Reduced Installation
Labour Costs

Remote Monitoring
& Maintenance

Optimised Energy

Self Cleaning

Extreme Versatility
For Dual Use

Low Power Consumption

da_60 yield
da 60 technical diagram


36 panels (60 cells type): 11.2 kWp
Single panel size (w x h): 1046 x 1559 mm / 41” x 61”
Total panel surface: 58.7 m2 / 632 ft2
Total system size (without mast): 9.5 x 6.4 m / 31 x 21 ft

Configuration (Per tracker)

Capacity of PV generator: 8 – 12 kWp (depending on panel type)
Operating voltage: 24 V / DC
Nominal power: Max. 110 W
Angular range: 270° , 70°
Angular Accuracy: by 0.1° – 0.25°

Dimensions (Per array with panels)

Size of panel surface: 60 m2 / 646 ft2
Size of supporting structure: 7 m x 6.4 m / 23 ft x 21 ft(without profile rails, width x height)
Maximum installation height: 8 m / 26 ft(upper edge of panel surface above ground level)
Weight: approx. 670 kg / 1477 lb(without mast, profile rails and panels)
Load approx: 1200 kg / 2650 lb

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